Born on December 9, 1977, in Tokyo.
She began piano lesson at age 5 and developed her absolute pitch.
During her junior high school years, she joined the choir and also stuck on rock and punk music.
She also loved drawings and thought to become a cartoonist at first.

At the time, sleepless nights made her experience rooted and hallucinated sometimes.
These supernatural phenomena made her believe that there would be something in common among dreaming,listening to the music, smelling and praying.

At the age of 20, though she joined punk rock band as a back-up singer, found that that’s not what she was searching for.

One day, she was inspired by the moon and thumped out on the piano. That was the very first original note for her as a creator.

Now she wants to create music inspired by visual images that would inspire people of visual images, just like telepathy.

blood type ‘AB’
horoscope ‘sagittary’